Technology in the Bathroom
Published on: July 12, 2019

Technology in the Bathroom

Like the rest of your home these days, your bathroom can be smart and benefit from new, innovative technology. Our designers have knowledge in a vast range of smart/innovative technologies from leading suppliers.

Have a look at our list below to see a few of the smart bathroom products we can offer.

Bluetooth Mirrors from HIB

The Connect range of illuminated mirrors from HIB includes integrated Bluetooth speakers and USB charging sockets.

It also includes a shaving socket as well as a heated pad to prevent condensation build-up.

Available in sizes from 50cm width to 120cm, this mirror is perfect for those who like their gadgets.

HIB offer a full range of innovative mirrors, cabinets and lighting for the bathroom.



Waterproof Bathroom TVs from ProofVision

ProofVision’s ethos is about bringing technology to places you wouldn’t traditionally have seen it, including the bathroom.

Their range of premium TVs are available in sizes from 19″ to 55″ and boast a full HD LED panel, with the 55″ coming with a 4K panel as standard.

These TVs are purpose-built for the wet and humid environments of a bathroom and therefore the TVs are rated to IP65 with the remote control being fully waterproof with an IP67 rating.

Digital Showers from Aqualisa and Crosswater

Digital showers work by the internal digital thermostat communicating with a control unit which then remotely controls the mixing of the water within the shower. One benefit of this is to keep the bulky/”ugly” part of the shower away from the beautiful and elegant design of a bathroom.

The bulky control unit is packed full of technology really makes digital showers shine from their traditional predecessors. For example, the unit allows for precision programming of the temperature and flow rate of the shower. Some showers even allow for each family member to have their own profile saved.

Safety is also a staple feature of a digital shower. If the control unit detects a sudden increase in temperature due to the failure of cold water supply, it will automatically shut off the shower.


WiFi Controlled Underfloor Heating from WarmUp

Underfloor heating in the bathroom is a popular choice for those looking to add a little luxury in their bathroom.

With very little maintenance required once it’s been installed, underfloor heating is often cheaper and much more efficient way to heat your bathroom.

Complimenting WarmUp’s underfloor heating is the 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostats that allow you to control the heating in your bathroom from a smartphone. No programming is required as the system will always maintain the desired temperature and with geofencing technology, the heating will be reduced while you’re not home.

IFTTT integration allows you to set smart triggers automatically. For example, you could set it so that when it’s raining outside in the Winter, the thermostat increases the temperature of the underfloor heating. You can learn more about what else is possible here.

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Technology in the Bathroom

From TVs and Bluetooth speakers to WiFi controlled underfloor heating and digital showers, we have a wide range of smart technology products from leading manufacturers.

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